Why Microchipping Your Pet is the Best Way to Protect Them

Dogs and cats need microchipping

At Kilkenny SPCA, a huge part of our day-to-day calls feature missing or found pets.

Our wily rascals are also keen escape artists. They sneak out of the carrier at the vet, hop the fence, and managed to unlock gates even without thumbs. Often, they go for a wander and are back in time for their tea.

Often, they get picked up by a concerned person who wants to help them find their way home.

Microchipping your pet is one of the simplest ways to protect them after a “great escape”.

Here are a few reasons microchipping is so important.

Pets Return Home with a Microchip

Microchipping is the best way to ensure your pet comes home if they get off the lead or disappear from the garden. According to a study published in Science Daily a cat is 20 times more likely to be returned to the right owner when it’s microchipped. The figures are 2.5 times great for dog.

Unlike a collar or a tag, your pet carries a microchip with them wherever they go! All their finder needs to do is take them to the vet and have them scanned.

Animal Charities Are Better Able to Help

When an animal is microchipped, the solution to a lost pet is to take them to the vet, get them scanned, and trace the owners. Animal welfare charities rarely have to do much else, which frees up our time to focus on injured animals in need.

Microchipping also helps avoid the costs and energy that go into rehoming when an animal’s owner isn’t found.

All in all, microchipping makes lives easier for everyone – especially our pets!

Is Your Pet Microchipped?

Getting your dog or cat microchipped is the easiest way to make sure they always come home for dinner. And, it takes pressure off of your local animal welfare groups, too.

Remember that all dogs in Ireland must be microchipped and registered as of 1 April, 2016. A microchip will cost 20-50 EUR depending on your chosen vet. If you have questions about microchipping and its benefits, get in touch with Kilkenny SPCA!