UPDATE: How Kilkenny SPCA is responding to coronavirus

18 April 2020 Posted in

Kilkenny SPCA is keeping up-to-date with the latest guidelines from the Irish government to both promote social distancing and limit our travel to only essential journeys.

In response to the extension announced on Friday, April 10, our Kilkenny office will remain closed to staff, volunteers, and visitors until further notice. However, our call centre is still operational between 8:30 and 18:00 Monday through Friday. All after-hours calls are logged on our answering service and assessed by our inspector.

In an emergency, please call 086 817 2168.

While our office is closed, our inspector is still working hard to respond to your calls. When a call comes in, we must perform a risk assessment to determine whether the inspector needs to attend to an animal in person.

In some cases, such as in the event of an animal injury, we can travel to pick up the animal. However, we have so far found that we’re also able to successfully deal with many of the calls received by providing advice or completing welfare checks over the phone.

Please don’t hesitate to ring the Kilkenny SPCA if you have an animal welfare concern.

Our Voucher Program is Active

Our other services are also active, but we have modified them to adhere to social distance. You can still avail of our vouchers scheme for neutering vouchers. Please get in touch if you have an animal who needs to be neutered. While veterinary services are essential services and are still operating, not all vets are open for neutering/spaying. Please check with your preferred vet before traveling to their offices.

Finally, we aren’t providing traps unless there is an emergency. If you need a trap, please contact us and we can assess your situation and provide you with one if required.

Consider Nominating an Emergency Pet Carer

At this time, it’s important that we all look after each other. It’s important not to forget about pets!

Please consider nominating an emergency pet carer in case you become unwell and need to go to hospital. If you can, write down your nominated carer’s name, address, and telephone number as well as your regular vet’s details so that they are easily contacted in case of an emergency.

How You Can Help

This is an incredibly difficult time for us as we work to provide the best services possible to Kilkenny’s animal residents. We appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to work to fulfil our mission to care for all animals.

If you would like to help us navigate this crisis, please text NEGLECT to 50300 to donate €4.00 to the Kilkenny SPCA.