Adopt a Barn Cat

Adopt a barn cat

Our Adopt a Barn Cat programme aims to pair cats with the farming and equine community across the county. The programme has the dual purpose of providing homes for semi-wild cats that have been neutered, and in need of a home, while also providing a natural rodent control.

This new initiative is based on similar successful programmes in the United States and is aimed at farmers and horse owners whose premises may naturally attract rodents. Potential new owners will need to show they can provide a safe and permanent home for the cats, provide veterinary care if needed and be in a position to feed the cats.

To register your interest please call 056 7771635 or fill in the form below.

Kilkenny SPCA only ask the cats are given a safe and welcoming home and a donation to the charity. As a charity, Kilkenny SPCA relies on donations to help fund their important work of animal welfare in the county and are always appreciative of what people can give.