For our 2023 calendar we once again opened photograph submissions to everyone and once again the response was amazing with lots of cute, thoughtful, funny and beautiful photos. It was a difficult, but fun, task to create this shortlist and thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.

Now we need your vote* to decide which 12 will make it into our 2023 calendar!


Vote for you Favourite Picture Below. Long Tap on Each Photo to Enlarge it.
  • Chico at Sunset by Vilma Budryte
  • Jodi by Theresa Whelan
  • Sunlight White Horse by Fiona Long
  • Claire by Suzanne Behan
  • Ducklings at the Fen by Mary Hickey
  • Highland Cow by David Byrne
  • Kitten by Ned Mahon
  • Snow Collie by Matt Whitby
  • Blackbird eating berries_by Hugo Reidy
  • Orange Tip Butterfly by Hugo Reidy
  • by David Byrne
  • Got anything to eat by Anne Phelan
  • Timmy by Erika Durdikova
  • Oreo by Claire Noonan
  • Damselfly basking by Hugo Reidy
  • Bon by the Sea by Mark Roberts
  • By David Byrne

*One vote per person.