We are so grateful that you are considering actively supporting Kilkenny SPCA through fundraising!

Every year lots of people all over Ireland take part in organised events or organise their own to help raise funds and awareness.

Collection boxes are a fantastic way to raise funds and support Kilkenny SPCA. If you would like a collection box in a shop or to hold your own collection please contact the fundraising team on 056 777 1635 or you can contact us below.


    To make sure that your collection goes without a hitch:

    -Please inform us about your event so we are aware of what you are doing.

    -You must obtain a Garda permit to carry out a public collection.

    -You must be over 18 to carry out a collection.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Please complete the form below:

    Please tell us about your intended fundraising event
    Please tell us how much you expect to raise
    Please tell us the date of your event
    Please tell us where you intend the activity to take place
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