National Love Your Pet Day

On National Love Your Pet Day.  Most of us don’t need a special day to love our pets! We do it every day in little ways. However, do you know how your pets show us that they love us too? Read on!


  • You know the way your dog gets all excited when you haven’t seen him in like, 10 minutes? The reason that our doggos jump up on us and kiss and lick our face is to tell us that they love us and miss us when we leave. That crazy tail wag? Yip. That’s him telling us that we’re loved and appreciated.


  • Does your dog and/or cat want to share your bed? This is another way our pets show us affection. Wanting to sleep close to or on us means that our pets want to protect us from predators.  In the case of a dog it means that he loves and trusts you and considers you part of the ‘pack’. You are the most important person in your dog’s life. He looks to you for guidance, approval, companionship and love. Animals feel the most vulnerable when they are sleeping (and going to the toilet. An interesting side fact!) so if they chose to sleep alongside you consider yourself the chosen one.


  • Does your cat often leave you little 4 legged (sometimes 8 legged ‘gifts’)? Your cat knows that you cannot hunt and they don’t want you to starve. Sure, who would feed them if you died of starvation?!!  They are making sure that you get dinner!


  • When your cat or dog rolls over and shows you their belly they are showing you that they love you by exposing their most vulnerable parts of their bodies.  Like sleeping beside you, they are trusting you when they are most vulnerable.


  • Cats head bop to show affection to their ‘person’.  As well as used as an affectionate greeting it is used by cats to put their scent on you and to mark you as owned. I thoroughly enjoy being owned by a 6kg tuxedo diva!


This National Love Your Pet Day show a little extra love by making a donation to KSPCA KKSPCA Donation – Kilkenny SPCA .  Your donation will ensure that the pets in our care receive all the love and protection that they deserve