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Pets and Technology

Technology has come a long way recently in helping to make our lives more convenient and also in helping us stay in contact with loved ones. Did you know that there are gadgets to help you stay in contact with your best friend also?

Read on. We will take you through the best and most accessible gadgets to help you connect and keep your best friend safe in the year ahead.  We have everything for the super tech pet owner to the person who just wants to stay in contact with their pet during the day

Glow Track Light Up Collar for Cats

 This reflective tracking collar for cats glows or blinks with an LED built-in light, for simple visual tracking of your kitty. You can also pimp this little gadget up by adding a tiny lightweight camera. This will give you a cat’s-eye view of your cats world.

Self-Cleaning Litterbox

 What cat parent would not love this? These self-cleaning litter boxes rotate each time your cat uses it and disposes the used litter in a removable drawer. Magic! These little babies aren’t cheap through. They average between 630-700 euro.

Treat Dispenser Camera

You know that feeling when you’ve had a long day at the office and you can’t wait to go home to see your pet? Now, you don’t have to wait until you get home to see your pet. Treat dispenser cams allow you to talk to your pet at home on your phone! You can even give them a treat at the press of a button!!  The camera also releases calming scent to keep your pet relaxed until you get home.

Pet Camera Smart Ball

If you love the idea of seeing your pet on camera but don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that come with the treat dispenser camera this could be the gadget for your pet!  This little wonder allows you to connect a ball to your smart phone so that you can enjoy a play date with your pet, even when you aren’t at home!

Smart Drinking Fountain

After all of that playing and running around our pets can get thirsty. Most cats and dogs prefer running to stagnant water. This Smart drinking fountain filters the water to remove any chemicals present. It is so smart that it turns itself off when it’s not being used.

Tick Repellent Collar

This rechargeable device will keep your doggo tick free. It is chemical and scent free

Slow Feeding Bowls

Does your dog wolf down their meals causing indigestion and other problems? Then a slow feeding bowl could be the answer. These bowls help slow down your pets eating whilst providing stimulation for his brain.

Dog Cooling Collar

This nifty little bandana keeps your pet cool in warm weather. Just wet it and wrap it around your dog’s neck. The special fabric stays cool for hours.

Remember that no matter how expensive or high tech the gadgetry your pet will always prefer time spent with you, but these are a good alternative in today’s busy world especially as we hope to return to the office sometime in 2022!!Please consider giving a donation to the KSPCA so that we can continue our work in 2022