The theme of this year’s water day is ‘Water for Peace’. World Water Day which has been running since 1993 attempts to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis in the world today. In light of the two current wars the conservation of water has never been so important.

Whilst we are unlikely to solve any wars in our daily lives here there are ways that we can prevent water wastage

1. Dogs generally drink one ounce of water per pound of weigh per day. Cats need much less depending on their size, age, type of food they eat and their level of activity

Consider a water fountain for your pets. These are especially handy for cats as it ensures a supply of clean filtered water and there is no leakage

2. Try not to place the water bowl or fountain near to your pets food or litter box as our pets (specifically cats ) are programmed not to eat food which is close to their toilet/water bowl

3 Whilst we as humans, are actively encouraged to drink as much water as we can it is different for pets. If you pets starts drinking more than usual it could be a sign that they are unwell

4. Amphibians and more “wet” pets do not drink water, but absorb it. Frogs, salamanders, and others in this category need water to absorb through their skin, and the higher that quality, the longer they will live

5. If you chose to bathe your dog ensure the temperate of the water is correct. This may prevent your dog trying to escape the bath and splashing water over the edge thereby wasting it. Also let the water run down the drain so it doesn’t get too high and frighten the doggo

However we use water this week consider how we can avoid wastage and help support water for peace. To make a donation go to our donation page

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