Your donations make a difference

We are a fully voluntary organisation, and depend on your donations to fund our operations, operations like this. We were recently asked to assist the Guards with the rescue of some animals from a property in Co. Kilkenny. Sadly there was a large number of dogs requiring help. As a result, the guards also asked another charity to get involved in the rescue operation.

On the day the rescue we transported some of the dogs and the guards transported the rest away from the property in question. Once we had taken the dogs to a safe location, some of them were picked up by the other charity the next day. From this location, all the dogs went to be checked by a vet to assess their conditions, and the vet then vaccinated and microchipped all the rescue dogs. Two of the older dogs that were rescues were also neutered to prepare them for rehoming.

After a few weeks, in co-operation with another SPCA we started to look at rehoming the rescued dogs. It took about twOne of the rescued puppieso months to successfully rehome all of the dogs. While we were searching for their forever homes, the dogs recovered at boarding kennels.

The boarding kennels we use are run by an ex veterinary nurse.  Her team assess the dogs from a behavioral perspective and reports back to us. This helps us to make sure that we can match the right dog with the right home. The boarding kennels also work with the dogs to socialize them and make sure they are ready to be rehomed. This way we give the dogs the best possible start with their new family.  We are delighted to say all the rescued dogs have now found their new forever homes. A happy end to the tail for these furry friends.

Without your support, we can’t afford to run these rescue operations, or keep the rescued dogs in boarding kennels – which provide such important support in rehabilitating these dogs for their new lives. The bill for this rescue came in at over €6000! Each dog costs €10 a night in the kennels – this €10 goes a long way as it covers boarding, food and the socialization; which is a vital part of the journey to send these dogs on their way to happy homes. Like all charities, Covid has hit us hard and we haven’t been able to raise funds in the usual ways. If you would like to help us, please donate whatever you can, become a member or volunteer your time to help.