Board of Directors

The Kilkenny SPCA board of directors includes a diverse group of talented and passionate individuals with the goal of promoting animal welfare through education.

Noel O’Donoghue – Chairman of the Board

Noel joined Kilkenny SPCA in 1995, and today, he is using his retirement to serve as KSPCA’s Animal Welfare Officer, making calls across Kilkenny and coordinating with other counties, including Carlow. Noel joined out of his love for animals and he offers a unique direction and vision for the group.

Ciara Murphy

Ciara joined Kilkenny SPCA in 2009 and serves as the group’s fundraising guru and all-around girl friday, coordinating the annual calendar and helping out with rehoming. She joined for her love of animals and felt it was time to help in any way she could. Ciara’s day job is animal-centred: she works in a vet practice and does farm visits. Ciara enjoys working with KSPCA because it’s an opportunity to learn and meet other people who care about animal welfare.

Helen Rothwell

Helen Rothwell joined Kilkenny SPCA in 2019 out of her love for animals and passion for ensuring all animals enjoy dignity and protection. During the day, she manages the Carlow Volunteer Centre. At Kilkenny SPCA, she helps with volunteer recruitment, provides advice on governance, and works with the board to keep Kilkenny SPCA running and compliant. Helen’s love of animals extends beyond those native to Ireland: she has adopted weird and wonderful animals all her life, including wallabies, a llama, and a pair of lemurs.

Gillian Leo

Gillian Leo joined Kilkenny SPCA’s board of directors in October 2019 because she wanted to give back to an organisation that supports animal welfare. With 10+ years of experience in not-for-profit organisations in Ireland and the UK, Gill provides governance support to the board. She was one of the first group of graduates in the Law Society/the Wheel Partnership with a “Certificate in Charity Law, Trusteeship and Governance”. Gill is also a business analyst with SRAM.

Nikki Olson

Nikki Olson joined the Kilkenny SPCA board of directors in December 2019 to give back to an organisation that promotes animal welfare and education. She would like to adopt all the dogs, but knows she can’t, and finds animal welfare promotion to be a suitable compromise. With 10+ years of experience in marketing, Nikki provides direction for Kilkenny SPCA’s digital footprint, including the website and social media pages.